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Personal Injury Services in Ogden, Utah


Accidents can be a devastating time in your life.  Whether you have light injuries such as cuts and bruises or catastrophic injuries, including broken bones and brain injuries, Farr, Cragun, & Berube, P.C. is here to help you deal with insurance companies and navigate through the personal injury process.

You ask yourself, how can I work?  How will I support my family?  How will I pay my medical bills?

We have skilled lawyers in automobile accidents ready to help answer these questions for you.  Please remember it is always best to consult with an attorney before signing a release with the insurance company.  Even if you believe the settlement is in your best interest, it may not be.  The insurance companies are looking out for their best interest, let us look out for yours,

Signing the release will cause your personal injury claim to be closed forever.  It may result in spending money out-of-pocket that you simply don't have.  Insurance agencies are a business, and they will do what they can to make as much profit as possible.  

Farr, Cragun & Berube, P.C. will put your interests first.  You can rely on us to protect your rights and pursue the proper settlement you deserve.

Auto Accidents

It was just a normal morning routine you do every day. Whether

you are going to work or to a doctor's appointment.  You did not foresee

getting into an automobile accident.  The shock and pain leave you

confused about what to do next.  An injury often leaves you with pain and

you end up out of work.  If the injuries are sever enough, it could be

life-altering to you and your family.

You see your regular bills start to stack due to a long recovery with loss of

income.  Most people are not prepared for this unexpected accident and

feel overwhelmed with understanding the law.

Each day we are receiving phone calls of potential clients who have much

pain and suffering that could have been avoided if the driver would have

been more responsible.  We know that this is a devastating time in your life.

You need someone to take interest in what is best for you. We are here

to deal with people and companies necessary to get you what you deserve

to get your life back on track.

Insurance companies are eager to close your claim as quickly as possible

to avoid paying out more than they intended.  We can help settle your claim

with the maximum that you deserve.

If you have been in a "low-impact" accident that has little or no physical damage to the vehicle and are pregnant you need to seek medical attention immediately.  An insurance company views a "low-impact" accident as striking the other vehicle at 15 miles per hour.  In this case, they believe that the individuals in the vehicle cannot get injured.  Simply this is not the case for pregnant women.  Minor trauma can still cause placental abruption, premature labor, emergency caesarian section, bleeding, or birth defects.

Symptoms to look for are: vaginal bleeding, headaches, dizziness, fainting, and stomach pain, swelling in the hands and face, pain during urination, early contractions, and decreased fetal movement. It does not matter what trimester you are in during your pregnancy.  Placental abruption is the most common in minor trauma accidents but can be the most dangerous for you and your unborn child causing internal bleeding.  Even if you were wearing your seat belt properly, which is across your pelvis you could still be injured and not know it.  It is best to seek medical attention for the benefit of you and your baby.

If you need further assistance in legal advice for a "low-impact" auto accident while you were pregnant we can help.  We will get you what you deserve.  It is our job to protect you and your rights.

Motorcycle Accidents 

Have you been in a motorcycle accident?  Are you

experiencing long-term recovery time? Do you have

medical expenses that keep piling up?

At Farr, Cragun & Berube, P.C., we are well-trained on

handling motorcycle accidents for over 30+ years. 

We are here to help protect and fight for your rights.

All motor and road accidents can be horrific, but

motorcycle accidents are the worst resulting in

catastrophic permanent injuries.  There are around

3,000 motorcycle accidents each year in the United

States that result in death.  The others are severely

injured ending up with permanent damage and have

to make major life changes.

Statistics show that most motorcycle accidents that occur are because the other driver did not see the motorcyclist.  In many cases, it is stated that the driver simply did not see the motorbike, but this does not mean the are not to blame.

Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries or death.  It is crucial for those who are involved in a motorcycle accident contact as well-qualified attorney to recover lost damages.

Those damages could be anything from:

  • Pain and suffering

  • Medical expenses (present and future)

  • Lost wages

  • Physical damage

We know that it may not be possible to contact an attorney immediately after the accident due to the severity of the injuries, but it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible to ensure your rights are protected.  If you are not able to start your claim, have a close relative or friend help you to ensure you do not get taken advantage of.

A motorcycle accident could put you in sever shock so you may not feel injured right after the accident.  Always seek medical attention immediately, as this is the key to filing a claim for compensation of the accident.  You don't want to regret it later when you are experiencing pain form your accident.  Whenever possible gather witness statements, file a police report immediately and get information form the other driver.  This will be useful when filing your claim to recover compensation for your injuries and damages.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, it is in your best interest to speak to one of our aggressive lawyers immediately to start working your case.  You want to make sure you have the best legal representation for this accident.  Many times the insurance companies will try to close your claim as soon as possible, so they only have to pay the minimum for the motorcycle accident.  Farr, Cragun & Berube, P.C. can help ensure your right to be compensated for your injuries is protected.

At Farr, Cragun & Berube, P.C. we have highly qualified lawyers who will assess all the facts to get the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.  As skilled lawyers for may years, we are here to work tirelessly to gather all relevant information to ensure you have a successful lawsuit.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Auto-Pedestrian accidents can happen day or night.

We offer 24-hour assistance to get your case started

quickly. Call us immediately to ensure important

evidence is not destroyed after the accident has

occurred. We will work hard to ensure your rights are

protected and get you the compensation you’re entitled

to. Call one of our experienced personal injury lawyers

to start your claim right away.

Slip and fall accidents occur when a person slips or

trips and falls on someone else’s property and is

injured. This is also known as a premise liability case

because the owner’s property may be leased out to a

tenant that would be responsible for accidents that



A slip and fall case may arise because of the following conditions:

  • Torn carpet

  • Poor lighting

  • Narrow stairs

  • Wet floor

  • Broken or cracked sidewalk

  • Stairs or escalator

  • Hidden hazards

  • Rain ice, or snow   

There are many dangerous conditions that arise because of another person’s negligence. These conditions could be avoided with the proper maintenance. If any of these events occurred, and you have sustained any kind of injury you are entitled to compensation for your injuries.


To present a claim against another party you must be able to prove that the accident caused was by someone else’s carelessness. The owner of the property or tenant of the property knew about the dangerous condition and did nothing to fix it. Also, the person who was injured must be aware to avoid obvious dangers to him/her.


To establish a successful solid case against the party it must be proven that:

  • The owner/tenant created the condition

  • The owner/tenant knew the condition existed and failed to fix it

  • The owner/tenant should have noticed the condition because of how long it already existed.


For a property owner to be held liable, it must be proven that their negligence caused this accident. It could be a spill that was not properly cleaned up or a building code that was violated causing the slip and fall accident to occur. Whatever the issue may be it has to be due to the negligence or carelessness of the other party for the claim to be valid.


There are different regulations that are followed by commercial property, residential property, and government property. Each of them has their own liabilities and how to handle them. If you or a loved one has been injured on someone else’s property it is important to contact an experienced attorney soon. There are time limits on filing a lawsuit for a personal injury. 


Contact us today to review your potential case. You need to receive the compensation you deserve for other’s negligence.

Serious Semi-Truck Accident 

The results of an accident involving a semi-truck

and typical passenger vehicle are often tragic,

causing catastrophic injuries or wrongful death.

If you or a family member has had an accident

involving a semi-truck, you and your family may

be entitled to financial compensation for the

damages. These damages can range from,

medical expenses, mental anguish, lost wages,

permanent injuries, funeral costs, property

damage, pain and suffering, and future costs.

Punitive damages are also available in some


An accident involving a semi-truck has different

regulations and potential claims than a typical

passenger vehicle, including:

  • Negligent maintenance claims

  • Negligent supervision of the driver

  • Insurance coverage liabilities

  • Federal and state regulations

  • Drug testing

  • Truck and trailer maintenance

  • Driving logs

Truck accidents usually occur because the truck was not properly inspected causing an explosion on the freeway. The Federal Highway Administration started to help avoid fatal truck accidents on the freeways by putting laws in place that require drivers to meet specific standards to operate a Commercial vehicle. Today, drivers must keep records of their driving and are allowed only to drive for a certain amount of time in 24 hour period.  However, some people do not have to obtain a Commercial Driver’s Licenses to drive a large truck.  These include:

  • Farm equipment

  • Transporting farming products

  • Vehicles used within close proximity of a farm

  • No contract with vehicle in use

  • Firefighting equipment

  • Military vehicles

Even though the some vehicle operators are not required to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License, they may have to get special endorsements on their license to operate a vehicle.  There are regulations that must be followed when you have a Commercial Driver’s License. 


Some of the most common trucking accidents are oversized trucks and the most common cause of trucking accidents is due to inexperienced drivers.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a trucking accidents, call Farr, Cragun & Berube, P.C., and let one of our experienced attorneys help you get the compensation you deserve.

Auto Pedestrian Attorneys

Auto-Pedestrian accidents can happen day or night.

Pedestrian accidents are most likely to occur between

the hours of 3:00 p.m. to This is the typical

time that children are getting off buses to go home or

are out to play. When pedestrian accidents occur most

of them are because the driver was speeding, driving

recklessly, failing to obey traffic laws, or they lose

control of their vehicle. Drivers are responsible to drive

with reasonable care to avoid pedestrian accidents.


Today, there are more and more distractions for drivers.

It just does not seem safe to walk on sidewalks or

crosswalks anymore.  Fortunately, for these pedestrian

accidents that occur, you are entitled to recover

financial compensation for medical expenses, pain and

suffering, and funeral costs (if applicable).

There are laws in place to protect pedestrians, but sometimes they are not followed properly. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident that has caused injuries, it is crucial that you contact a pedestrian accident lawyer to ensure your legal rights are protected.   


There are many misinterpretations of the pedestrian law. For instance, many people believe that if the pedestrian did not obey traffic and crossed the street on a green light and got struck by a vehicle, then they are at fault and not entitled to compensation.  But, this is simply not true.  Although the pedestrian was violating the law the driver may still may be at fault for the pedestrian accident. There are many factors that are considered in cases of pedestrian accidents. Also, family members can collect compensation for extreme fatalities causing a wrongful death. We have a qualified experienced team of lawyers to handle your claim to get the compensation you are entitled to.

We offer 24-hour assistance to get your case started quickly. At Farr, Cragun & Berube, P.C., we will work hard to ensure your rights are protected and get you the compensation you’re entitled to. Call one of our experienced personal injury lawyers to start your claim right away.

Wrongful Death 

Wrongful death is a claim against a person who

has caused death to a loved one. A wrongful death

lawsuit states that your loved one's death happened

because of someone else’s willful act, wrongful act,

or negligence.  The wrongful death lawsuit also

claims that there are surviving family members or

beneficiaries who are entitled to monetary damages

from the defendant’s acts.


Wrongful death charges may be brought against the

responsible individual or against public agencies,

including city or state, jail, prison, hospital, school,

or nursing home. Each state has their own rules

about who is eligible to file a claim against the



Wrongful death lawsuits can be brought into the civil court as well. There are time limits to file these lawsuits, and they vary by state. Each state has their own set of laws for wrongful death, which determines civil wrongful death cases.


A wrongful death claim contains the following:

  • The death was caused by the defendant’s negligence or willful act.   

  • There are surviving members, such as spouse, child, dependents, or beneficiaries.

  • The victim’s death has resulted in monetary damages.

A Wrongful death lawyer will attempt to obtain damages for the family, which include:

  • Punitive damages and general damages.

  • Loss of protection/companionship to the survivors.

  • Pain and suffering.

  • Loss of benefits such as pension or medical coverage.

  • Loss of earnings up until death or retirement.

  • Immediate expenses such as medical and funeral costs.


Family members who file a wrongful death lawsuit and can prove the fatality was due to someone else’s wrongdoing can be awarded large settlements for damages. If you or a loved one has experienced a wrongful death because of someone else’s negligence, we can help. We are here to support you through this traumatic time in your life. Beneficiaries of the deceased may be entitled to receive compensation for monetary damages.  Call Farr, Cragun & Berube, P.C. today to discuss your case.

Spanish Speaking Personal Injury Team

At Farr, Cragun & Berube, P.C. we have a team dedicated to helping our Spanish speaking clients. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident and needs someone who speaks Spanish to assist them with their case, contact Jose and Carmen Marquez.  Jose and Carmen are available 24/7 by calling 801-695-0527 or click here for more information about our Spanish Speaking team.

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