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Daniel R. Cragun, Founding Partner

Daniel Cragun

For nearly two decades, Dan has helped a wide variety of clients successfully address problems ranging from divorce and custody to defending and prosecuting corporate claims in trial.  Dan has a proven track record in civil litigation.  He has successfully defended million dollar personal injury lawsuits on behalf of a professional motocross track and negotiated and orchestrated litigation strategy for a million dollar settlement on behalf of a multi-billion dollar Utah corporation. Dan has been retained by other attorneys, law firms, and in-house counsel to consult on litigation strategy and trial preparation.  He has also been retained as an expert witness on family law legal malpractice claims. However, Dan's primary focus is on family law and estate planning, including divorces, custody disputes, legal separations, termination of parental rights, paternity, adoptions, and other family law issues.  Dan has successfully obtained primary custody for fathers and mothers in thousands of cases.  He has obtained multi-million dollar divorce settlements and verdicts and is known for his ability to successfully terminate parental rights without a pending adoption.  Dan has a passion for family law and understands the challenges and struggles that clients face while navigating through the legal process.  Dan is dedicated to educating clients about their rights and options and is vigilant in ensuring each client gets the best possible outcome in their case.

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