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Get to Know Farr, Cragun & Berube, P.C.

"My vision has always been to create a law firm that perfectly blends the art, science, and sensitivity to personal needs in a legal system that often seems cold, uncaring, and confusing."  - Daniel R. Cragun (founder)

Farr, Cragun, & Berube, P.C. is one of Northern Utah's most prestigious and innovative law firms.  We have been providing legal services to individuals, families, and businesses since 2001.

Our Values

We are built on the strong and steady foundations of customer service, knowledge, constant innovation, creativity and creating lifetime partnerships with our clients.  We are the solution.  We understand that our clients come to us wanting a voice, someone to help tell their story, and advocate for their goals.

We believe in fostering an appealing and professional atmosphere consistent with

our values. 

This is accomplished by "Empowering You Through Education and Advocacy."


Our success starts with the development of a knowledgeable, professional, and

skilled team.  This requires creating a positive and professional relationship of

mutual respect with each other, clients, courts, and professionals to the extent



We continuously strive to provide our clients options, reality, hope, and decision

making ability through education and advocacy.


We will obtain unparalleled knowledge and provide outstanding education; we then

empower clients to make informed decisions.


We understand our clients need a "voice" requiring that we provide highly competent advocacy on their behalf.  The emotional nature of our work requires empathy; however, our efforts are tempered with appropriately detached education and advocacy.  We will provide continual accessibility, hard work, and creativity, in accomplishing our values.

Our team of attorneys all have long-term commitment and historical ties to Northern Utah.  We are here to stay.  This commitment is evidenced by the competitive, driven, and focused attention each attorney exhibits in developing the legal skills that consistently result in creating client driven solutions and excellent results.

Our Practice

We are a blue collar law firm with a hard-nosed work ethic and drive that creates unparalleled results for our clients.  We strongly believe that a jack-of-all-trades is the master of none.  To that end, we maintain a strong but relatively narrow focus on our practice areas.

The four hubs of our practice are the following:

  • Helping individuals and families with divorce, custody, child support, termination of parental rights, alimony, modifications, and estate planning.

  • Helping individuals and families who have been injured in an accident.

  • Helping businesses with all of their legal and litigation needs

  • Simple to complex litigation and trials.


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