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Bring Your Case to Trial with a Litigation Attorney in

Ogden, Utah

The attorneys at Cragun Berube, P.C. are ready to take on your case and pursue it for the best legal outcome.  Our attorneys have taken a variety of litigation cases to trial and have had amazing success.

Your Litigation Attorneys

When you want to pursue a lawsuit, the lawyers at Cragun Berube are ready to consult with you and determine the best course of action.  The litigation process can be tricky and complicated, and we can guide you through it with our knowledge and experience in litigation law.

The Litigation Process

The common litigation process goes as follows:

Step 1:  The plaintiff brings an action against the defendant

by filing a complaint with the court.

Step 2:  The defendant is served a summons by mail or by a

process server.

Step 3:  The defendant answers the complaint.

Step 4:  Both parties meet to discuss all issues, and potential


Step 5:  The discovery phase of the process begins, which

includes information requests from both the  

defendant and the plaintiff.  These can be admissions, which

is denying or admitting to asserted facts; interrogatories,

which are questions relating to case facts; or production, where each party asks the  other for important case documents.

Step 6:  The parties may file motions.

Step 7:  There is a final pre-trial conference before the court.

Step 8:  Trial commences.

Step 9:  The judge and/or jury reaches a verdict and passes judgment and a final order is entered.

Step 10: If the losing party is not satisfied with the judgment, then an appeal can be made.  However, this does

               not guarantee that a judgment will change.

An Example Case

One example of a successful litigation case is that of P.D.  P.D. was removed from her parents through the Division of Child and Family Services and placed into a bad household where she frequently experienced emotional abuse.  Although a caring aunt and uncle were willing and eager to take her in,  their adoption request was ignored.  Farr, Cragun and Berube, P.C. stepped in, and against incredible odds, was able to secure the aunt and uncle's right to adopt P.D.

When you have a lawsuit that seems impossible, Farr, Cragun and Berube, P.C. can consult with you, advise you on what is possible, and guide your case through litigation, if necessary.  Call our litigation attorneys in Ogden, Utah today at 801-866-0031 or 801-394-5524.

Civil Litigation
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