Welcome to Northern Utah’s premier law firm. We aspire to be the hardest working, best educated and strongest advocates in every case we accept. Our philosophy is that every case is a story. Therefore, great lawyers need to be great storytellers.

empowering you through education and advocacy


Each case starts with telling us your story. We can Then analyze it with the law and educate you on a) Your options; and b) what you can reasonably expect To accomplish by selecting each option and why.


Knowledge truly is power. Once educated you are empowered to make informed choices on how to proceed.


Finally, you still need a "'voice"' to tell your story. Once you've selected educated goals then we proceed to advocate on your behalf by telling your story, applying the law and hopefully accomplishing your goals! We believe that once we've properly assessed your case, given you realistic expectations and you set realistic goals that we should simultaneously work on multiple levels toward a resolution. This includes actively seeking a negotiated settlement without delaying necessary litigation or trial if the opposing party is not willing to settle.

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